Tuesday, January 30, 2007


See, I told you I worked on beads yesterday! The first pic is a little hint at the new Ebay auction I am working on. Just a little hint... a little one, lol. I think you are going to be surprised by the shapes of them. I am hoping to finish them this afternoon or tonight. Fingers crossed!!

Second pic is of a bunch of the discs I made yesterday too. Aren't they cute? Don't ya just wanna pinch their little cheeks? LOL! I love these colors!! And I need to make lots more for my design idea. We'll see how much I can get done in the next few days. Along with the Ebay beads I need to work on, I also have to get beads ready for another class on Friday. (Man I over booked this month... 6 straight Friday classes!) You all already know you'll be the first to see the finished design!!

My Mom is coming by today for me to work on my parents taxes. I hate doing taxes, but I always like seeing what we having coming back, lol. I am still waiting on some tax documents for our taxes but it looks like my Mom already has all the paper work they need. We use TaxAct.com... super easy program and a really fast return.

Time to get to work... hopefully I'll have a new auction for ya tomorrow!


Lori said...

I really like this color combo!

Cindy said...

Hi Kerry

WOW! You know how much I love your blue sets! Your new beads are beautiful,(and yes I want to pinch their little cheeks!). I like your new banner (GO Jessi!) and how your homepage looks today! I'm having major computer problems so that's why you haven't heard from me....


Kerry said...

Thanks Girls!!