Friday, January 12, 2007

Outta Gas

I am on a forced few days of rest till Monday. I ran out of fuel for my torch and the replacement tank won't be in till then. That's life, lol.

So, I am spending my "free" time researching torch upgrade options again. I found out a bit of bad news, I really wanted to get an oxygen concentrator but apparently they won't function in the lower temps that my garage studio reaches. But that means one of two things... one, I start out with tanked oxygen for a while... or two, I move the studio inside like I wanted to a few months ago. It would be nice inside! Especially with a new torch that is whisper quiet. Can I trust the kids though? Hmmmm.... still lots of internal debating going on in here....

Anyway, Lauren seems to be on the mend. Her fever has been down since yesterday afternoon. I don't think she has been 24 hours fever her yet, technically, but I am contemplating sending her to school anyway. I need to run some errands and it would be great to do it kid free for an hour, lol. My health is slowly improving... the cold is still hanging on but I am getting there. These few days of forced rest I am sure will help.

I need to get some chores done... but come back tomorrow, I will have a photo of my Color Me Mine mug to share with you!

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