Thursday, January 04, 2007


Auction is all set to start at 9:15pm my East Coast time... check it out "Cubism"

Are you ready for a little art inspired art? Cubism is not for the faint of heart so be prepared... these are pretty wild! Remember me saying that Tuesday night I had intended on working on an Ebay set that was playing around in my head, but lost my train of thought and made discs instead? Well, since making the "Love Cubes" that are in my Bead Box, I couldn't stop thinking that they would be amazing done in bright colors. These are those beads and I think they ROCK!

This morning I was surfing the web for "Cubism". I knew what it was and some of the more well known artists, but I wanted to see if I could find something like my beads. And I did... Hans Hofmann is a dang near perfect match for my beads. The piece I have cycling through my slide show is called "simplexMunditis" and it was painted in 1962. I think it is great!

I got more goodies to share too...can you guess what this is?

I'll give you a little hint... it's NOT a new lariat and I made one of these a few weeks ago to take to the book club Christmas party... have you figured it out?

Clever huh? I had some discs left over from yesterday's design so I strung them up on a scrap of cording. A very bright fun way to mark your page! I have seen LOADS of "bookmarks" for lampwork beads, you can buy blanks all over the place, but this design of mine I think is truly original. I have never seen anything like 'em. If you are a big reader and really want one, send me an email. I will take orders for them for a short time. They will all be random and brightly colored. Cost: $18 each plus shipping. I will send you an invoice when you order :)

Thanks so much for all the votes and suggestions that are pouring in on my survey. I am getting some really wonderful feedback. I am going to give the poll a few more days then let you know what I decide!

In other chit chat type news, you may have noticed at the very very bottom of my blog there is a "ticker". A weight loss ticker. I am not one to make resolutions, so don't think that I have suddenly decided to lose weight because of the new year. But it has been a concern for me for a few years. When I was younger, I was always healthy and active. I never had a weight concern, that was until I was pregnant with Jacob and shot up to 230 lbs. Since then weight has just stuck to me. I am not nearly the weight I was when I was pregnant, but I am more then I would like to be. I just don't feel like my outsides match my insides. SO, you can watch my ticker and see how I do. I have set a goal and I am taking a more active approach to eating healty and getting myself moving more.

Alrighty... I need to get the EBay action for this new "Cubism" set ready to start this evening. Which means it is time to reorganize my "Glass Gallery" on my website! Gotta archive all those old photos. I'll pop back in with the link to the auction as soon as I have it.

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