Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I know, I know, I know... blogs about the weather are boring. I promise to keep the weather take to a minimum and let the photos speak for themselves. The extremes go from one end to the other in this neck of the woods. We ended up with about a half inch build up of ice yesterday. And for those that asked... nope, it didn't melt! It is now hiding under a 6 inch blanket of snow! It is making for some very slick travel conditions. So I still haven't gotten out to get my torch fuel, but definately tomorrow... come hell or high water, I mean snow, lol!

The fact of the matter is I have to get fuel. I am teaching a "Sandy Lanterns" bangle class on Friday and a "Berry Wine" class next Friday... I gots lots of beads to make! Plus there are all the ideas I have playing around for new Bead Box Beads and Ebay sets too!

Even though I am torchless today, I did still do a lot of beady related things. First I secured my spots in the classes I wanted at the Bead & Button Show! I really had a hard time deciding what to take. I wanted "techniques" classes as opposed to "project" classes. Projects I can buy kits for and figure out how to do on my own, techniques I can really learn from. I really wanted to learn things that 1)I wouldn't normally have the oppurtunity to learn and 2) I wanted things that were totally foreign to me. So here is what I chose...
Exploration of Resins - An Emerging Voice in Metals - Instructor Susan Lenart Kazmer
Rio Grande's Education in Motion: Exploring PMC

My roommate, Holly, actually told me about the resins class. I really know nothing about it, so should be cool to learn something completely out of the ordinary for me. I am feeling bummed for Holly though, the class sold out before she got her spot in it!! She and I will be hitting the PMC class together. Technically, PMC will not be new for me, I have tried it before and HATED it. But I know if I am taught the "right" way to do it, I may like it more. Sculpting and molding clay, then turning it to pure silver, just lends it self to my "artist" personality. So, all in all, I am super excited for the show!! Maybe next year I will apply to teach Totally Twisted!! I really didn't see a good introduction to wire working class in the schedule.

Another interesting beady thing happened today... I got my advanced copy of BeadStyle magazine with my "Breeze" necklace tutorial. I am excited to see my name in print again!! I told you before, I am disappointed with the actual article itself. The editors have you using odd tools (ei... "right angle mandrel") and the "tip" is the exact opposite of what I would do. But still, I am really looking forward to the emails from people trying the project out. When Step By Step Wire came out I got about 30-35 emails about it from strangers around the world. BeadStyle is a much larger, more main stream magazine and reaches so many more people! I'll be sure to let you know from what corners of the earth I hear from.

I think I will bundle Lauren and myself up to go out and play in the snow. Maybe we will shovel the driveway, rather then waiting for Ron to come and snowblow it. It'll be great exercise!! Tomorrow is "Weight In Wednesday" too. Did you notice the 4 pounds I lost last week? I wonder how I did this week. I guess you'll just have to come back tomorrow to find out.

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