Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Work, work, work...

Disney movies seem to be the backbone of my up bringing... and for my kids too. They just love watching movies. I know every line to almost every Disney movie. Well, not all of them. But I know every single word to Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid, and Finding Nemo, and... well I won't bore you with it. But as I was writing this post title, I was remembering the characters in Beauty and The Beast complaining after Belle turns the Beast down for dinner. The stove says... "I work and I slave and for what? A culinary masterpiece gone to waste..." I feel like I have been work work working and for nothing.

I know it's not for nothing. But I guess I am just being cranky. LOL. I have worked myself to the point of utter bordem. I am not excited about anything at the moment, for some reason. I think the glow of new website excitement has worn off and I am only left with tidious things. Like spending all morning hunting my hard drive for images and uploading pics to the galleries for hours.
(YEAH! They are reloaded!! Go see the "Glass Gallery" and the "Sold Items Gallery")

Now that Lauren is in school for the afternoon, I really should be out at the torch making beads for Friday's "Berry Wine" Class. The class is full which means I have 40+ beads to get ready. Each bracelet takes 5 beads and I need enough for all the students and enough for myself to make a bracelet along with them. I am avoiding the job completely. I hate making the same bead over and over and over... but it has to be done. My other excuse it that it is freaking freezing out there!! The studio is in the 20's right now, yikes! But don't you worry, if you are one of my students checking in to see what I am up to... don't fret... I will get it done, I always do :) And this time I won't forget the sterling spacers.

What do think of today's photo? Does it have you counting the minutes til Friday's Bead Box update? I am going to have lentils, nuggets, and ovals... I didn't end up getting to do sprees cause of the website stuff the past few days. But maybe for the next update. I am already formulating plans for the next batch... hmmm... I got ideas. I have plans for a new Ebay set too! Lots for you all to look forward to. Me, I got a repetitous beading session to look forward to... yuck. Maybe I will make another wild set of brights for me to use in my class bracelet... hmm, that could make it more fun!

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ckrabbitt said...

Wow! I can't wait to see the new beads! They look like they will be a lot of fun.

Sorry to hear that you are feeling down. I hope you can get your bead mojo back :)