Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Loop De Loo

Do you ever get to that point where you just keep moving cause you know the minute you stop that you'll just crash? That is the point that I am at. I am kinda going on fumes... but I going cause I will crash hard when I do stop. What does that mean for you all... another bit of eye candy!

Yesterday after I made the "Old School Recess" bracelet, I had some twistie mini disc beads to play with. And I decided they would be perfect in a new version of the "At The Playground" piece. This style was actaully a lot easier to make then the other one. I didn't need to torch the wire so it went a lot smoother. I like it a lot. I wore it last night while I was cooking dinner and kept catching my reflection in the glass of the microwave over the stove... it was so sparkly. And I love the twistie wire with the twistie beads, they are both very playful!

Lauren actually helped me a lot with these beads. On Monday when she came home from school, I was still wanting to play with glass, so I set her up next to me in the studio with some safety glasses. I told her we would make twisties and she picked the colors to twist together. She loved it. Did I mention these are MINIs. Here is a comparison for you. The Minis are dime size and the big ones are closer to quarter size. The are easy to make, the dozen I made took about 30 mins to make.

So after dinner last night Lauren got really fussy and fell asleep around 7:30, by 9:30 she was up again with a high fever and vomiting... she didn't stop to almost midnight. She and I ended up having a slumber party in the living room to let Daddy get some sleep. I didn't sleep much though and was up by 5:30 this morning.

One bonus is that we woke up to a fresh 6 inch blanket of SNOW!! FINALLY!! This has been the least snowiest winter in Rochester history. Something about El Nino... I don't know... but it is nice to finally have it and we are supposed to get another 6-10 inches throughout the day. Since Lauren is home sick from school and we are huddled inside from the weather... I probably won't get to finish that Ebay set of beads. But we will see, if I get a good nap this afternoon (really I swear I am going to take one this time) then I may sneak out after dinner.
Stay tuned to see what happens next around here...


kstyle said...

Hey Kerry
Come on over to kstyle and check out my beads. Finally got the silver core in! Yay, But oh so many broken beads on the way. k

blestwithsons said...

Wow! I have to ask - does the wire come that way or did you twist it up? I wanna do that! *sigh* much to learn...