Monday, January 08, 2007


Here is the link for the autcion... "Roundism"!

Thank heavens for DayQuil! It helped clear my congestion yesterday just long enough to finish up this new Ebay set of beads. Check out "Roundism". I am coining my own art word... Roundism: to for ever be know as the opposite of Cubism, employing soft round edges as opposed to hard right angles. This a perfect companion set to "Cubism". All the same colors and I can see an amazing bunch of jewelry made out of jumbling these two sets all up. I am working on getting the auctio set up to start at my usual evening time. And I'll pop back in with the link for you later. Don't forget to the right under the cute Valentine's avatar of me you can click the link to get right over to my seller's listing at Ebay.

I was even feeling well enough yesterday to start yet another set of beads. They are some more cubes, which take a long time and effot to make. So, I only got a couple test ones made before I started to feel too bad. I took 'em out of the kiln this morning and I am very pleased. I will need a few more days to finish them up but stay tuned... I think your gonna dig 'em.

While I am here typing away, and since yesterday's post was so horrible short and pathetic, I will take the oppertunity to tell you a little about my weekend before getting slammed with this head cold. First, back to Friday... Jacob stayed home from school, with a cold (no wonder where this come from huh). I wasn't going to let him stay, but he promised he would rest and not get wild and crazy on me. Which tends to happen to kids... you let them stay home, they rest for an hour, then suddenly they are all better and reaking havic on the place. He snuggled up in my bed and watched back to back to back to back episodes of Star Trek The Original TV Series on DVD. He LOVES them! He even went so far as to write a story "What if the Enterprise landed in my back yard?" Although his promise not to get wild and crazy was short lived, he was bouncing off the walls by the time Andrew got home from school.

Saturday was much of the same... wild and crazy kids bouncing off the walls. The weather here has been unseasonable warm for weeks now. Ron went golfing at 7:30 in the morning!! It is a rare thing to be golfing in NY state in January, well that is unless you are in a "Polar Golf" tournament. I was near exhaustion and pulling my hair out by time Ron got home... so snuck out with my sister for a few hours. It was great getting some adult girly time with her. We actaully decided to go Color Me Mine again and make coffee mugs. I can't wait to see mine... it's just like these beads!! Wait till you see it next weekend when I pick it up!! It was so cool that I had strangers commenting on it, and one lady tried to copy it on to her teapot. By the time I got home, my congestion of this cold started to setting in and it fit full force about 2 am with that whole one sided breathing thing I told ya about.

So you already know about yesterday so you are now all caught up on the life and times of Kabs. Lauren is at school right now and my bed is calling me for a nap so I will catch ya all later...

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