Sunday, January 28, 2007


Cool doodle huh? I found this doodle in one of the kids' notebooks. I can tell from a mile a way that it is one of my Dad's doodles. I took a quick picture of it and then put it in photoshop. I took out the blue lines of paper. I think my Dad's doodles are awesome but I think he'd tell yeah "ah, it's nothing... just a doodle." I guess it is kinda like me and my beads... people saw my cube beads and went a little nuts, I thought... it's just a square. LOL. I think it is also a bit of that artistic perfectionist tendencies coming out too... I think a lot of artists feel there is always room for improvement. So this doodle, according to Lauren, is a self portrait. Check out this OLD POST with pics of my Dad... you can decide for yourself.

Anyway, we are having a quiet snowy weekend here. My class Friday night went great. Everyone was able to finish their bracelets before they went home. Yesterday my Mom took the kids for an over nighter and Ron & I went out to dinner. We went to my favorite resturaunt, Maria's and my sister came along too. Then we came home, had some champagne and watched a movie... without having to stop it 20 times for the kids, lol. A little advice though, never ever mix tequila and champagne, take it from me, it's just not a good idea. :P

Ron and I are heading out in a few minutes to pick up the kids and we are planning on playing outside all afternoon. We have a heat wave here with it being a whopping 32 degrees. We have a good size hill out back for sledding and I hear the kids built snowpeople at my parents, so I think we need one for our house too.

I'll be working on beads later too!! I have lots of ideas stirring around. Plus I hear from Francie at Joolz that I need to work on another "Frozen Branches" style piece. It seems she sold the one she purchased right off her neck at an event this weekend. It was wonderful news to hear!

I'll be back tomorrow with the results of my beading time today!

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