Friday, January 26, 2007

Curing Bordem

Yoo Hoo!! I finished all the beads for class! It took two nights to do it and more then four hours, but hey it's done. I have a whole "writing" theme going on... I used a new color called CiM (Creative Is Messy) Leaky Len with Moretti Ink Blue. The colors are both purpley blue-ish. They just compliment each other so nicely. Perfect for a Berry Wine bracelet!

While I was making all these beadies... I decided to finally make something with a large hole mandrel. The hole actually makes this a size seven ring. My sister has been begging me for months to make her glass rings. I bought the mandrel with every intention of making her some but this was the first time I actaully tried it. Still needs work, the these are so totally NOT her colors, but it's a start. And this little guy gave me an idea for a new necklace design.

Too bad I only have one of these mandrels... it is going to take weeks to finish my necklace idea at a one ring a day rate. LOL, oh well, it's winter, whatelse do I have to do?
So are you wondering why I called this post "Curing Bordem"? Well, I told you had worked myself to bordem on Wednesday. I was bored out of my skull and going kinda stir crazy. I had a bunch of boxed up energy too. Bored always leads to too much energy, for me anyway. So on a whim yesterday, I put Lauren in the car, drove to Lowes, bought paint and came home to paint Lauren's room.

Sometimes I wonder if I have some bipolar personality tendencies with the way mood and energy levels swing. Bored and lifeless on minute... taking on big projects at the spur of the moment the next minute.
I had this idea of Lauren's room last summer but just kept putting it off. I have a photo below of how her room started out. It was a pinky peachy color called "Dawn Light". What Mom doesn't run out and paint a room pink when she finds out she is having a baby girl after having two boys? Really, now. But the color was never quite right. Plus I am so much more a purple person then a pink person. So, now Lauren's room is two tone. I have trim that will run around that seam where the two colors come together, but it needs to dry before I hang it.

Lauren is so excited she just loves it. I even let her do some of the rolling. I love painting. I have painted every room in the house (and a few times each). This is the 4th coat of paint this room has seen, my living room 3, family room 3, my room 2, bathroom 2... I really like painting! I started around 11:30 and was done by 5pm, not to bad. Her room is small though, only about 11x12. So it was an easy job. The boys want their room done now! Maybe next week ;)
Alrighty... I got the Bead Box beads already to post... I have an auction ending in a few hours... and I have a class to prep for tonight!! Yoo HOO! Lots too do!
Go get a last minute bid in on "ICE CUBES" before someone else does!! And watch for email for a note when the Bead Box Beads are posted.


Lori said...

Can you come here and paint. My DH hates painting and we need to paint both kids rooms.
Love the color combo and I really love the rings.
Can't wait till you put a few up to sell to us!!!!

blestwithsons said...

Hi Kab! I just pulled out my issue of step by step Wire Jewelry to look at your bracelet design again...I tried it once - using the wrong gauge of wire - and I think I'm ready to try again! So anyway...saw your website address and thought I'd check it out. I love the colors of your lampwork - and now am enjoying your blog! Can't imagine painting a girl's room though...we're still trying to un-pinkify our rooms from the prior owners!

Anonymous said...

Now our girls' room match!! Though I don't think L4 cares so much at this stage what her room looks like.
I am SO excited that you are finally doing rings!!! I'm looking forward to the day when you do something with wire/silver and your beads. =)