Monday, January 15, 2007

An Event!

We are in the midst of an amazing weather event here in Western NY. It is just getting going so this photos are only the beginning. The weather foresact is predicting several more hours of the freezing rain before temps drop and lake effect snow begins falling tomorrow.

Isn't it just amazing what a little cold rain can do. I am sure the power will be out in a little bit and I'll have to head over to my Mom's to keep warm in front of her fire place.

Fortunately the kids are all off school today and they will be home, safe and sound. No worring about buses sliding off the roads. I am worried about my husband though, he decided to brave these elements and head into work this morning. He was the one who said "Honey, go get the camera... it is beautiful out there." He only works about 10 mins from our home, so hopefully it will be a short return trip with loks of salt on the roads.

All this icy and slippery conditions means that I won't be making a trip to the welding supply store to refuel my torch. Which means it is going to be a few more days before I have any new beads to offer. I am itching to be behind that torch though, I have some funky fun ideas playing in my head that I am dying to make. I'll get to them later this week though.

OH no, I just realized, I need to register for my classes at Bead & Button tomorrow... the power better not go out on me!! Anyone want to be my back up? LOL. I'll give you all my info, you sign me up... wait no that won't work, lol... I won't have power! Which means my digital phone will be off. Oh lets just hope the power doesn't go out!!

I'll pop back in, weather permitting, late this afternoon and let you all know the Free Beads winner :)

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