Tuesday, January 09, 2007

June Cleaver

This morning when I got up, it was extra early again. Okay not that early... but early for me at 6am. I am still having trouble breathing and sleeping so I just went out to the couch to finish my book club book. The boys followed me shortly after, both making appreances by 6:30. So, Jacob reminded me of his homework... "Read 20mins, Spelling Pre-Test, Go to bed early, Eat a good breakfast". Weird sounding homework right? Well today NY state is doing ELA (English Language Arts) testing. I rolled up my sleeves and set to work. I made a spead fit for Sunday morning. Pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh orange juice for the kids and hot coffee for me and Ron. Far from your usual bowls of cereal!

As I slaved over my skillets, it made me wonder about the kind of wives who do what I did this morning, everyday. Suddenly June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver popped into my head. I think I must have been channeling her because the eggs were done right when the bacon was ready to come off and the pancakes were on a warm plate in the oven. Though I was missing my full toolled skirt and ruffley apron, lol... I had my signature tee shirt and pajama pants. I used to love to watch that show! (No I am NOT dating myself, lol... I watched reruns on Nick At Nite) It was such an idealic life wasn't it. I doubt I could be that dutiful for more then a few days before I just went completely BONKERS! Not to mention what I would do to Ron if he acted like Ward Cleaver smoking a pipe and reading the paper every evening after work.

I finished cleaning up the breakfast mess and sent the kids off to school. I washed up the beads from yesterday, wait, what... I didn't mention I made beads yesterday? Oh yeah, nap didn't work, lol, so I heated up the kiln and made some beads instead. (Gotta Love DayQuil) I only had an hour so I made up the disc beads I need to put together this new B & W version of my "Playground Series" (yeah I think 4 - 6 pieces in the same style is definately a "series"). Kinda ironic... I am having a very retro day... June Cleaver... B&W TV Show... B&W Bracelet... I had to name it "Old School Recess".

Can't you just see June taking this off as she gets ready to wash the dishes? Laying it on the window sill in front of her so she could stare at it as she cleans. Okay, that is a little extreme, lol... this wouldn't match her pearls but you gotta give my imagination some credit.

I know waking up so early is going to hit me hard later. I am already totally drained. So, I think the latest Ebay set of beads that is half finished is going to have to wait for tomorrow. But I will tell you this... Ron was the starter beads of the set and said "WOW, Those are cool." No grunting, head nodding or asking his usual engineer questions like "how much are those?" So I do want to get 'em finished up. I hope to do them tomorrow then have them ready to post on Thursday when "Cubism" ends.

Don't worry... I didn't forget to draw the Freebie winner yesterday, lol, I just forgot to post the name of the winner. SO... drumroll please... CONGRATS TO TERRI B!!! YOO HOO TERRI! Thanks so much for all the votes everyone. I have new beads strung, photgraphed, and ready to post. I'll keep coming up with free beads as long as you all keep voting :)

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