Sunday, July 23, 2006

Kester Gang Reunion

We could not ask for a better day for today's Kester Gang Reunion! The weather here was awesome today... sunny, 70's, NO humidity, and a light cool breeze. Seeing everyone was great and the kids had a lot of fun too. We all kept busy visiting, playing tennis and SPUD, grilling and just relaxing. Almost everyone made it this year. Aunt Ruth and here klan couldn't make it up from NYC and a bunch of my cousins were missing too. So with the no shows, no one wanted to rally everyone together for a group photo. But I will dig up last year's for you. Today's photos are from the very first Kester Gang Picnic in 1983. I was 5 years old!

See where Lauren gets her curls from? That is my little sister Bonnie. The picture quality isn't the best, sorry. For one, they are more then 20 years old and two, I was talking a picture of a picture with my digital camera. I think the weirdo in the shorts is my Uncle Dennis but I can't be sure, lol. I love flipping though the photo albums and watchnig everyone change year to year. There are several photos that need burning though, lol. One with me and a giant yellow bow in my hair and glasses you wouldn't believe. Turns out my Dad is going to be in charge of next year's picnic. And I have been drafted to help. The kid in charge has to get the location, set the date, send out invites, and plan the kids games. Yep games.... with 30 plus kids you gotta play some games. Everyoen gets divided up into ages groups and does things like backward crab walk races, hoolahoop contests, peanut pick up and marshmellow golfing.

I am pretty beat. So I am going to turn in early with a movie. I did get the beads all cleaned strung and photographed so we are on for tomorrows bead box update. Speaking of which, a few of my cousins were asking about my jewelry and I showed them my stuff. When my aunts saw my case they all swarmed in on me. So a few of the earrings are gone, some beads and a bracelet & wine topper too. Oh... Aunt Peggi & Uncle George won the water balloon toss... my moron husband seemed to think that my hands were around my ankles so our balloon broke after 3 tosses because he threw it too low. Oh well, maybe next year.

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