Tuesday, October 31, 2006



What a wild and crazy day we are having here. We have been running around like the gouhls we are. The kids had a half day today with parties filling what little time they were there at school. We were partied, we paraded then we had to do loads of errands. Lauren needed to be run to the doctor's, yep she has another ear infection. Then we went to get my fuel tank refilled for the torch, grapped some lunch, trick-or-treated to my sister's... finishing with a quick stop at Blockbuster for the last copy of Monster House! Pphheww.

I just snuck in a little torch time while the kids were watching the movie. I worked on focals today for wine stoppers. I think they make most excellent holiday gifts so I want to have a bunch next weekend. I have been drooling over the GORGEOUS focals by the artist Anastasia (her website). Check them out (her auctions). I used her idea of making them primarily transparent but then did some wild and crazy wiggles and squiggles in my own style. I think they are going to be SWEET! I love the glow that etching gives her beads too, so I will have to see if mine will cool good etched. Did you know, if you want to see how beads will look etched you can put them in the freezer then on the counter. They will look frosted for a little while before warming up and that it how they would be if they were etched. Cool!

So yesterday's Bead Box Beads seem to have been a hit. I am sorry I didn't have more for you. I will work on getting bigger batches made for next time. I just need the next few weeks to get ready for the up coming shows. You all seem to be going after the same sets with the Purple Mod Dots being a favorite. Maybe I can squeeze in a Purple Mod Dots Auction set... we'll see. I know the Focals setis priced a little higher but it still only $8 a bead for the focals. Which really isn't a lot per bead. If someone doesn't snatch them up, I will find a way to use them.

Today's photos are of the kids pumpkins. We carved them Sunday afternoon. Lauren's pumpkin was rotted so we had to carve two faces in Andrew's. We will be heading out to trick or treat in a few hours. The kids can't wait! I will get pics for you of their costumes. Lauren is a fairy, Andrew is a black knight and Jacob went for Harry Potter this year. We go to my parent's neighborhood because there are loads of houses in one area. We can fill a pillowcase with candy in about an hour! And that'll last until at least Christmas, lol. The kids are going to have a blast. My Mom's neighbors go nuts decorating, it is such a kid friendly place.

I will be back tomorrow with Halloween pics and focal beads too!

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