Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!

Ain't my Dad (Tim) handsome? Well, today is his birthday! Look at those blue eyes. He is a ripe old 54. Aren't these photos great... I took them over the winter. My Uncle Pat was making a photo collage as a gift for my grandparents and he needed pictures of each of the 13 kids I told you about the other day. So I took a few minutes, stood my Dad against the wall and snapped away. He hated every mintue of it. But I am glad to have a nice photo of my Dad. Now if only I could get my Mom to hold still for a few minutes so I could get a pretty photo of her...

Sorry the photos are so large, I am posting them quick and never took the time to edit them. My uncle needed the high resolution/large photos for his own editing. So I just left them alone. Anyway, we will be heading over to my parent's house this afternoon for a birthday cookout. Followed by a 7:30 soccer game for Jacob. We were late for his Monday game. I thought all his games were at 6:30 but it turns out everytime is different. But the team won Monday so a late arrival wasn't noticed. The Tornados beat the Monsoons 6-1! Go Tornados! It is so cute, when the coach yells "Tornados Twist!" the kids all change positions.

In jewelry news... I have an interesting story about a new necklace to share with you all. But that is going to wait for tomorrow. I hope to get to make some beads tonight after soccer, but we'll have to see how hot it is first. Other then that, I am plugging away in the studio here. Making stuff here and there as I can, trying not to get too behind. I want to be ready for my next show early so there is no last minute craziness. The next show also happens to be the first week back to school for the kids so things are going to be nuts.

Can you believe it is back to school already? Dang... Target has all their school supply blowouts going already. Yesterday I got Crayola Crayons for 20cents, 10 spiral notebooks for a buck, 10cent glue sticks... it was wild. I always buy enough to last the WHOLE year and I have a flat bin stuffed with supplies under my bed. So in January when Andrew says "Mom I need more Crayons" I just grap a fresh box out of the bin and he is ready to go. No need to remember to get some at the store for $2.99. I can't even tell you how many supplies I got yesterday and I only spent $35! SWEET! If you got kids... go stock up!

Check back tomorrow!

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