Sunday, July 09, 2006

Gotta Love My Hat!

*sigh* it's done... Cornhill was such a blast everyone! I loved my experience at the festival this weekend, loved loved loved it! Today was another great day. A LOT of jewelry sold. And the highlight of my weekend, my new hat. Yesterday, while sitting in my booth my sister says to me "oh my god look at her..." and pointed out a stunning young woman in a gorgeous black & white pokadot dress with the most beautiful black mesh hat that had a big over the top bow on it (differnt from the one I am wearing). I said to my sister "I wish I had the confindece to pull off walking around in a hat like that." I had time in later to walk around the block and found "the hat lady". I thought the girl we saw was just extremely fashion forward. But it turns out she was the niece/model for Moira's Millinery. I met Moira and she was just fabulous. I LOVED her hats. Each one was a work of art in my eyes. I thought about those hat all night last night and as soon as I was done setting up the booth this morning, I went back to Moira's and had ber help me pick one out. I never, ever wear hats. I never thought they looked right on me. But I am in love with my new hat. I wore it all day long! (Look at me, I did have the confidence to walk around in a hat like that and just didn't know it!) And I got loads of compliments on it. I had to smile all day! I just snapped this photo in my backyard... the one Bonnie took of me while at the show just looked terrible, lol. I HATE having my picture taken.

Of course, once my sister saw my hat she was smittened too and had to get one for herself. She said as soon as she walked into Moira's booth, Moira said "I have the hat for you...". Doesn't Bonnie look amazing! And check out the new coiled wire earrings of mine she is rocking!

Enough of the hats... I know you all wanna hear about the show. The number one question I was asked today by other vendors was "did you have a good show?" & "did you do well?" And I decided that it is a terrible question to ask because NO ONE wants to say what they made so who knows if it was a "good" show. Good compared to what? I say, yes it was a great show. I had a "goal" of how I hoped to do and I hit smack in the middle. I went through more then 400 business cards and was given endless compliments. A number of my "higher" end piece sold, including "Threads". Which I was actually really sad to see go. But it has a good home in a young fun hip woman who I know I will see again!

I made my sister cry, but in a good way. (If you knew my sister, you would know how rare a thing that is.)The Rochester Breast Cancer Coalition was collecting donations for a silent action and I was handing them jewelry for the auction before they even finished asking and she said that touched her. I was happy to donate. Silly sister. I think deep down she is convinced she will be fighting breast cancer someday so it is a cause close to her heart (don't worry, she is prefectly healthy right now). So, the "Berry Beads" lariat will be auctioned to raise money for breast cancer research.

Oh, the amazing wire jewelry artist... her name is Bonnie Hedden. Go check out . Now she warned me, her prices on her website are extra high. If you can make it to see her at a show, you'll get a better price, lol. I told her I would be sending you all to see her. SO if pop into the site and love her jewelry... send her an email, tell her how beautiful it is and tell her I sent you.

I am forgetting all the other things I wanted to tell you about but send me an email, remind me of the questions you all were asking and I will post all the answers. I am off to have another cool refreshing shower and a foot rub before bed!

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