Friday, May 19, 2006

The 20 minute bangle

How do you like my latest bracelet? This is "Waterfall". It is one of the bracelets in the new books I told you about yesterday. I used different stones of course. These are the amazonite stones left from when I went to Virginia. When the bracelet is flat (not wound into the oval shape) the swirls at the bottom remind me of the mist that raises from the base of a waterfall. I made this right before baseball last night. It really only took about 20 minutes. Then I tossed it in the tumbler for 3 hours and it was rigid and shinny... you should see it on a wrist! I need to take pics of this and yesterdays necklace actually on.... they look so different.

I made beads all day on tuesday and here it is friday and I feel like I haven't made beads in weeks. I have lots of ideas... lots! But I really need to get the order for Oregon finished. Once it is done (hopefully by the end of this weekend) I can focus on getting you all a fresh bunch of bead box beads. I am sure you all have your hands full with the goodies from Mother's Day but isn't there a saying somewhere that you can never have too many beads?

Something different I did today... I made myself a little "kabs bag". I will get a pic for you to check out. It is a little purse/tote. I am going to embellish it with some lampwork and it is just the right size for my wallet, some sunglasses, a few beads and a bottle of water. I have lots of different brightly colored fabrics like the one I used on my bag so if you want one... you'll have to let me know... but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

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