Thursday, May 25, 2006

Bad Bitty Kitty

Yesterday, while watering the garden with Lauren, Bitty was playing in the backyard with us. Now, I have never had an outdoor cat. Every cat I have ever had has been indoor only. But Bitty insists on racing outside everytime you open the door. I have been trying to get used to this idea by letting her out with us. NEVER AGAIN! She got stuck in a willow tree yesterday. I have never seen a cat climb a tree so fast. She got stuck about 20feet up. I had to climb up the tree and get her down. The first 3 times I climbed up I could only get about 15 feet up. And she was so scared, she wouldn't climb down to me. I understand, it is hard to climb down facing down, she felt upside down. While she was up there I called my friend Lindsey who loves to climb trees, while we were chatting Bitty finally moved down to a branch where I could reach her. Only took 45 minutes. Jacob could have had her down in less then 10, he climbs that tree almost everyday. But alas, it was noon when she went up and he doesn't get home until 3:45. I couldn't have a 4 month old kitten up a tree for 4 hours, lol. She would get sunburned. Bad Bitty Kitty!

Anyway, that was yesterday's adventure. I had to share.

Today,, I will be working on the beads for tomorrow's Berry Wine class at Studio 34. Then Sunday afternoon I plan to work on Bead Box Beads for Monday. I am thinking still purples, this time lentils. I will let you know how it goes. I didn't get anything done yesterday, I thought I would work on some wire stuff but just never got to it. Maybe this afternoon!

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