Friday, May 12, 2006

No Beads Today

I just finished cleaning all the beads from yesterday and there are a lot of great ones and a LOT that will be going to the bad bead jar. With some of them I found myself thinking "why did I do that?" I decided since there are only 3 sets, I will wait and post them on Sunday. That way I will have more time on Saturday to complete these sets and get a few more done too. You all can show your husbands' your favorite sets and say "Ppppppllllleeeaaaaasssssseeee!" If you are not a Mom... you can still get yourself an "un-mother's day" treat! I got one for my sister, lol.

Today is going to be a crazy day of running around! Lauren's speech therapist will be here in a few minutes then off to Lauren's playgroup. I need to make a "Berry Wine" bracelet for the "class examples case" at Studio 34... plus I have to sort and pack up all the tools my student bought. Somewhere in there I need to get the house cleaned and some laundry folded. *Sigh* see why we get a Mother's Day!

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