Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My Cutie

I really don't think it is possible for Lauren to look cuter then she does in this picture, do you? Look at her curls! Can you tell it's hot and humid here? I was helping my Mom with my Dad's father's day gift yesterday when I snapped this shot. The gift is 3 photos of my kids golfing. My Mom has some antique window sashes that she will frame the photos in. It looks really cool finished. She has one in her bathroom with a shot of each of them in the bathtub. I will share how it turns out. Oh, by the way... check out that photo of my sister from a few weeks back, that's where Lauren go those curls, LOL! My hair is straight as a pin! And see her necklace? She never takes it off, it is vintage glass beads, too cute.

In the meatime, I am heading out to the torch after dinner. I am going to work on beads for this Saturday's Open House. I made a new wire necklace that is oxidizing at the moment and that's I will show ya tomorrow. Other then that, I still can't hear out of my ear. So I will go see my doctor tomorrow if I can get in. I sniffles are gone thankfully, just a cough left now.

I will check in with ya'lll tomorrow!

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Holly said...

Look at those curls!! She is so cute. :)