Friday, May 05, 2006

Bead Box Busting With Beads!


I am at my Mom's unable to update my site... "Beach Glass", "Big Umbrellas", "Racey Reading Material" have sold! I am trying to download my editing software to my Mom's pc... hopefully I can make it so I can update from here as well as home.

My teeth are very healthy no cavities! Check ya later :)


I made beads till I was blue in the face last night! The Bead Box is loaded with 7 sets for you all to choose from. I LOVE these colors! I think next weeks beads are going to have to be viberant reds and oranges... the results of our "Day At The Beach", a sunburn, lol. I sent out a group email letting everyone know about the beads, then went to my BeadBox page and half the photos had nasty red x's... I fixed it and everything is now as it should be. Let me know if there are any photos still misbehaving. There is a set of "Beach Towels" that are really cool retro stripes inspired by "The Royal Bead's" stripes. I sent Lori an email about them a few weeks ago and asked her for tips on how to do them... I hope I did them justice. Go check out her work, it's gorgeous and she is on a hot head torch like me too. She also does handpainted ceramic beads too, some of which you'll be seeing me bidding on! The stripes were actually very time consuming and kinda difficult. If no one buys them up this weekend, I will be raiding the bead box myself to make something with them.

I am being a bad Mom today... and Lauren and I are skipping her playgroup this morning. I just have too much to get done today. Plus I have to go to the dentist for a clean too, lol. Talk about over scheduled! I will let you know first thing tomorrow how my class went. And to those of you that said "YES!" to having me make up some project kits... I am on it. I will probably have them up end of next week or early the week after. I will put them in the Bead Box. I will start with "Berry Wine"kits and see what happens from there.

Alright... I need to get a shower before Seasame Street ends... be back soon...

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