Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Morning

What an eventful weekend for my Andrew. See what he is missing?His two front teeth. He lost the first one last night and the second one this morning while waiting for the bus. He is so excited. They have been wiggling for ages but he wouldn't let me pull on them. Yesterday he used his Nerf Blaster to blast himself in the mouth and made them really wiggly! LOL! I don't know why blasting yourself with a Nerf Blaster hurts less then Mom wiggling but hey... that's what he said. It wasn't until a few hours after the blasting that the first actually fell out. The tooth fairy will be making be popping in tonight to make her second appearance in two days. She is collecting teeth for new babies that haven't grown theirs yet, did you know that? The tooth fairy recycles!

Anyway... I decided to take the weekend off from the internet. So as off about Noon on Saturday, I stopped turning the computer on and just relaxed. I did make beads though. I am all caught up on orders and everything is getting mailed out this afternoon. If you have been holding off and sending me an order because you think I am too busy... I am free now. I am just working on my jewelry collection to send out to "From Distant Shores" and making things for the Summer art shows. I ended up running out of gas while making beads yesterday so I was on the phone first thing this morning to the welding supplier for a refill. I had to run to the hardware store around the corner and pick up a small 1lb tank to hold me over until Wednesday. I can blow through 1lb in about an hour and a half... so I won't have any new beads for the bead box until at least Friday again. Rochester's "Lilac Festival" is starting next week so I am thinking lots of purple! Don't you love lilacs? They are my favorite smelling flower/bush.

So... that is that... I am just hanging out, thinking of new things to make... avoiding the terrible dier laundry situation and waiting for fuel for the torch. I will let you know when something exciting happens.

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