Thursday, May 04, 2006

What was I thinking?

I guess thinking positively really works... Tuesday when I was going wild making beads all day, I made a bunch of these "spree" shapes in solid colors. Very simple beads yes, but together the colors all just poped. As I made the beads, this circlar link came into my head. Yesterday, after all the beads were clean, I started to play a little bit with the link design. And hour later the necklace was done! I LOVE THIS! It is rust the right length to sit flat around your collar bone and look like it is floating. I can't think of a name for it though. The beads remind me of beachglass so I was thinking maybe, "Seaglass Creation" but that sounds so blah! Send me your suggestions! AND here is where my post title comes in... on a whim I decided to send the photo to Step By Step Wire magazine. I thought, maybe Denise, the editor, would like it for the Spring 2007 issue. In less then 30 mins, I had a response that YES she wants it and can you have the tutorial written and to her by mid-June for the Fall 06 issue. Now the "Berry Wine" tutorial ended up taking me 5 months to get done. (I couldn't get my husband to take the dang pictures.) Now all a sudden I am going to do this one in 3 weeks? As if I didn't have enough to do, LOL! But I think if I just spend one whole day on it from start to finish I will get it done. A beading frined sent me an email asking if I had any kits left over after teaching my class on the "Berry Wine" bracelet this month, could she buy one. I was going to wait and offer Berry Wine beads once the magaizine came out but if anyone else wants it earlier, send me an email... I will let you know kit costs and all the details.

Today is going to be spent doing a bit of running around. I need to go to JoAnn Fabrics and get tissue papers... they have this great bulk set that has about 4 sheets of 3 dozen different colors. I love using all the different colors to wrap my beads and jewelry. Also want to pop into Micheals and pick up a "bulk glass bead soup" for my students to play with tomorrow. I swore I would never buy that junk but I think it is the best for practicing with copper wire. I am also heading over to Heidi's for a visit and to work the kinks out for the Open House June 3rd. Then... the boys will be at baseball so this evening is devoted to BeadBox bead making... I will be working with these greens and blues like the new necklace and maybe I can squeeze out a few more purples too.

Catch ya tomorrow~

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