Saturday, May 06, 2006

Settle down now class!

What fun we had last night! I ended up having 4 women in my class, Judy, Karen, Sue and Michelle. All were great, and said they learned a lot. We completely scrapped the "lesson plan" and just kinda went with the flow. I started out telling them about tools and what were for doing this and what were for doing that. Then I showed them the "supposed to" way of making loops and then "my" way of doing loops. They all agreed that my way is way easier! I bought them bulk glass beads at Michael's... the perfect beads for playing with. They are so junky it doesn't matter if you waste copper wire on them and then toss them out later. I taught loops, wire wraped loops, how to make a quick headpin, links and how to make a simple swirl clasp. We did everything in copper. At the end of the session... I told them for next week I was planning on doing this again but next time we will do it in sterling and with "good" beads. Then I said "OR I can teach you how to make caged beads, a couple of link shapes, coiling and maybe a few ear findings..." they all said, "yeah, we wanna do that!" So should be fun next week too. I think we are going to be doing this intro class once a month now. AS I was teaching there was also a intro to lampwork going on and those students were wanting to sign up for my class to. So there is definately a lot of interest. And I really did love getting to share with them what I know. Did I ever tell you when I was in High School picking colleges I was either going to be an Architech or an English teacher? Well then I got a scholarship for Graphic Design and went with that but I do really love to teach!

I am sooo glad you all liked the Bead Box Beads! I have made myself a note to NEVER fill the bead box and go get a teeth cleaning again. You all went nuts... one set sold 3 times, and two others sold twice! I will be making all the "extra" sets later today. It should be no problem at all, I already have all the colors sitting right on my desk. There are 3 of the 7 sets left. I will try and get a better photo of "Beach Towels" because those are really my favorite out of all of them. Apart from the orders, I have another new idea inspired by a bracelet I saw in the new issue of Bead & Button Magazine. Of course... you'll see the results here first!

Today's flower is another from my garden from a summer gone by. This was a sunflower Jacob grew for me in his kindergarten class and brought home for Mother's day. We put the little guy in the garden and it grew HUGE! Hope it brightens your day!

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