Thursday, May 18, 2006

Book Clud gets trumped by Golf Tournament

Yes, yes.... I am in a better mood now. The house got cleaned yesterday AND I finished a new necklace so I am in much better spirits. I don't think the name "surfacing" fits the new necklace, it turned out nothing like I was planning. I still like it just the same but I am saving the name for the other design in my head. This one I think I will call "...." I can't think of anything at this very moment but I will let you know when I come up with something. Aren't the disks fun! And I stayed with the "Beach" color scheme. All the pieces going to Oregon are going to be in the same color pallet so they all coordinate in the lighted case they'll be in. Lots of blues and greens. I would love to hear your thoughts on the new necklace... send me notes :)

Today was a nice day... Lauren and I went to visit my friend Lindsay and her daughter Laurelle. Lots of "L"s... we had a nice visit at her house (Lauren had to go to time out twice for pushing Laurelle). We had planned to go to the playground or Highland Park to see the lilacs but that got rained out. So we just visited for a while and then went to Barnes and Noble for a some book shopping. Lindsey and I gravitate to the same area of the store... crafts. Knitting and Jewelry books just happen to be right next to each other. She loves to knit. She made me some fingerless gloves for when I make beads in the winter and she made Lauren a crown out of knitted crate paper. I just can't get the knack of knitting. Anyway... I got two new wire books, I have lots of ideas from the projects! I got Bead & Wire Art Jewelry by J.Marsha Michler and WOnderful Wire Works by Mickey Baskett. I am especially excited about the second one because it isn't "just jewelry" there are lots of different wire art projects like candleholders and frames. But nice ones... not "crafty" ones.

I am anxiously waiting to hear with there is going to be a baseball game tonight for the boys... it has been raining pretty hard on and off today so who knows. Tonight is my Book Club meeting. We are getting to gether to talk about "This Life She's Choosen" (which I didn't care for). I am so excited to go. But Ron recieved a phone call yesterday inviting him to golf in a tournament today with lunch dinner and prizes at a private club for FREE so I had to let him go. Hopefully he gets home in time for me to arrive fashionably late... we'll see. I hear the bus pulling up now, boys are home... I will check in with some beading new tomorrow!


Holly said...

kerry, you will LOVE bead and wire art jewelry. it is really cool the necklace for my "cinco de mayo" post is from that book.

and i love the new necklace! those beads are really cool.

nikkinj said...

For some reason I think of lettuce when I look at it!

It's gorgeous, so unique the way you set the beads.