Monday, May 15, 2006

Free Beads 5/15

Hey gang... send Cindy W. congrats on winning this weeks free beads! I have told everyone who's won that they are welcome to keep voting and they can win again... hey... it's all up to Lauren who's name gets drawn. If your a nice enough to keep voting and lucky enough to be drawn again WOO HOO! Anyway... the latest free beads have been posted. All "leftover" purples... I think you'll like 'em.

Lauren will be spending the day with my Mom tomorrow and the day will be devoted to bead making. I have a couple of orders to work on and I am still putting together that big retail order for Distant Shores. I have some great sketches in my idea book... something "stellar"... something "disky"... something "hollow"... you'll have to stay turned for the results!

Lauren and I spent this afternoon out in my garden planting some new goodies. We added two kinds of daisies (shasta and goldstrum), deep purple rose bush, some bulbs and a lovely primrose. I will take photos for you all as everything starts to bloom. Oh, and we put in lots of morning glories. Lauren started the seedlings with her Great Aunt Katie, and they are finally big enough to be planted... she is so proud!

Things suddenly got very quiet around here... kids must be up to something. I better run! I;ll check in with ya tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.