Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Breaking for lunch...

I have been trying to update this miserable blog for 3 days now! How frustrating! It seems blogger, the company supporting this site, has been doing system updates on and off for several days now. When they update, I can't post anything. But hopefully the updating is done and I can get back to my usual sorta daily reports.

I had to sit down and create a "To-Do List". At the moment it is currently a page and a half long. But everything has been prioritized and I am already checking things off. I actually hired my Mom to start taking care of Lauren for me one day a week because of my sudden increase in work. Don't get me wrong... I am not complaining one bit! I am one of those woman that thrives under pressure. I am feeling a lot of it at the moment so I think you are going to get a peak and some pretty cool things soon. I have been torching for about the past two hours. I am working on an idea that I just couldn't get out of my head. I think the results are gonna be very unique. I am taking a quick break to eat some lunch, check email and then it is back to business. If you are waiting for an email from me... I will be answering them all this evening... today's child free time is for work work work!

I am hoping to have a fresh set of bead box beads by Friday. So be sure to stay tuned for that! I will check in tomorrow, first thing, with photos of what I am been up to these past 3-4 days.


*Jessi* said...

1 and a half pages?? Wowee you sure have a lotta stuff to do! I make those lists as well, they really help!

Kerry said...

LOL! It is mostly because I have a lot of sub lists under each item... example: Go to Staples: Padded envelopes, Sharpie Markers, look for sketchbook, poster board.

It might sound worst then it is, lol!