Monday, May 22, 2006

Free Beads 5/22

CONGRATS to Kathy H, this week's free bead winner. Lauren picked Kathy's name once before and she was lucky enough to have her pick it again! Thank you so much for your support Kathy, and everyone who votes. I really appreciate it! I posted the latest free beads... check 'em out. Just a few more purples I had around.

The past couple of days has been crazy! I did finish the big Oregon order and that shipped out today, I am all caught up on orders and as soon as I can find a free couple hours I will be working on bead box beads. I am hoping for beads in the box by Thur-Fri? I will let you know for sure when time gets closer.

Andrew and Jacob are both sick.. fevers and vomiting set in about 7:00 last night so needless to say, I am too tired to do much of anything today. Their "sickies" started about 15 minutes after I went out to make beads. I took a break, cleaned then went back out. Andrew started it and Jacob wasn't until 6am. Ugh... I hate cleaning vomit. But at least with all the hardwood floors we put in a few years ago, it is an easier clean up. I will be washing laundry until I am blue in the face tomorrow. (Andrew just so happened to be resting in my bed when he got sick.) Ron has his class final exam tomorrow too so he has had his nose buried in his books for the past few days studing. I will be so relieved when that is done. More time for me to focus on making beads instead of keeping the kids quiet for him to do homework. I love that he has gone back to get his Masters and I support him 100% but I do love summer breaks, LOL!

Anyway... I am off to try and relax. A hot bath after the kids get tucked in sounds so nice right now... then a bowl of ice cream... watch the finally of 24, too... *sigh* I can't wait for bed time!

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