Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Prep Time

As promised... here are a few photos of what I have been working on. The bracelet I am calling "Classic Rock". I ended up raiding my own BeadBox to make this... see I told you the "Call Me Classic" beads would make something cool, lol! Have you all noticed me trying to have a more positive attitude about what I make? It totally "isn't me" to be so confindent, but I thought if I practice progecting a more confident attitude my confidence in my work would grow. So hopefully you aren't thinking "man she is getting cocky" and instead thinking "yeah that is cool!" It is terrible to say but it doesn't matter how many times people email and tell me "your work is beautiful" I still look and think "but see that tiny little dot right there in that one bead...." It is my perfectionist tendencies underminding my artistic security... but don't worry... I am dealing with it, lol!

The other photo is of one of my most recent knobs. I am still diligently working on getting my client's 34 knobs made. Her kitchen is really going to be gorgeous! As soon as she sends me photos I will share them with you. Currently we have 18 of the 34 knobs done. I try to make at least 1-2 a week. Each one is so unique.

Yesterday I ended up getting lots done. I made more then 50 beads, which for me is a lot! It was enoung for a project I have been contemplating for a while and also some beads for my Oregon order and a custom order. Plus I think there may be a few left over for the Bead Box too. All cool crisp aquatic colors. I think you will approve. One the home front... Bitty Kitty has been being very bad the past couple of days but we are working on that. Lauren loved her day with Grandma and can't wait to go again. The boys both did great a baseball practice. Jacob is a real slugger and Andrew is really fast around the bases. Ron is working on his class project that is due on Tuesday, then he'll study for is his final and be done till Fall. Only problem with that is if he isn't in class it means he will probably be on the golf course! But I will try to limit him to once a week, lol!

I will be spending the majority of today preping for Friday's Wire Class at Studio 34. I am writing up a little "How To" packet and putting together the project kits. So... gotta run! Lots to do! I am planning on having beads in the BeadBox on Friday so come check them out then!

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