Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back to work

Did you guys like the theme I came up with for the Bead Box this week? "Back To Work Blues"! I sent out the email just a few minutes ago. If you didn't get it and want to be added to the list, let me know. Just send me an email with "Subscribe" in the subject. I hated the first pictures I posted so I am reposting new ones, please refresh your page to make sure you are seeing the right ones. I love these beads. The orange and turquoise just rock and the b&w just makes everything pop! I see loads of fun things being done with these... bracelets, pendants, mismatch earrings... endless possiblities. If there are any left by Friday, I will be stealing them for myself, so get them now before they are gone :)

Thanks to all of you sending me get well soon wishes. I would love to say I feel better, but alas, I don't. Things have moved into my ears. My right ear feels like I have cotton stuck in it, I can't hear anything, everything is muffled. If I still can't hear tomorrow I will go to see my doctor. This happened once before, it turned out to be a rare kind of ear infection the forms a bubble between your eardrum and the membrane on the outside of it. I will let you know tomorrow if I end up going in.

Anyway... we had a good day yesterday. In the early spring we got a free pool. We went and took it down from the previous owner. And we spent yesterday preping the ground where we will put it up. Now we just need to order a new liner and the sand. The kids spent the day in the sprinkler, and man are we all sunburned... I mean really burned. Lobster red kinda burned. And that was with sunscreen on. We had hots and hamburgers on the grill and then I made beads all evening. All in all, a great holiday weekend.

Today is HOT! It was already 81 degrees in the house at 9am so I actually put the window air conditioner in. It is helping a little. You wait all winter to open the windows and then bamm... you gotta close 'em again!

In the midst of all the holiday hullabaloo, I forgot to pick a free beads winner. Lauren picked the name this morning and congrats goes out to Tara! Thanks for your votes, as always! And the new free beads have been posted!

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