Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Beady Update

*sigh* thank heavens the boys went back to school today. LOL! Noone else is feeling sick either so I have my fingers crossed that everyone can stay healthy for at least a little while now. Thanks for all the well wishes to the kids. They are definately back to themselves!

In beady news... here is my plan... I have had a couple of last minute emergancy orders and I also had a bunch of people sign up for my Berry Wine class at last minute. SO I need to get the beads done for orders and the class tonight and tomorrow. What does that mean for you all? Well, I am pushing back having Bead Box beads a couple more days. I am thinking Monday afternoon. I know it is another holiday and you will be barbaquing your brains out, but you can always check in on Tuesday right.

I would do it sooner but Ron and I are taking a much need retreat to Bristol Harbor this weekend. What is Bristol Harbor you ask? Well it is a golf club/restuarant/bed&breakfast about an hour and half south of here. It is a gorgeous place on Canandaguia Lake. We are going with another couple, Pat & Julie. Pat and Ron been friends since grade school and their birthdays are just 2 days apart. So the two of them have a 1:00 tee time at the golf course and Julie and I have a 1:00 wine time with the local wineries, LOL! AND NO KIDS ALLOWED! This will be the first time in the 12 years that Ron and I have been together that we have ever taken a trip together just the two of us. Following the golf and wineries we have a 7:00 reservation at the resturant and then we are staying over at the b&b. I can't wait. The trip will be such a treat for us. With the craziness of ROn's classes and my business and just the day to day life we three kids, Ron & I sometimes feel like we haven't seen each other in weeks even though we sleep in the same bed every night, LOL! So needless to say... we are both looking forward to it.

Anyway... nothing else exciting going on here. I will probably spend some time today working on some jewelry that is lampworkless, lol! Aka, wire stuff. I will share photos of anything that turns out particularly wonderful.

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