Saturday, May 20, 2006

Saturday Afternoon

Hey gals... check out the latest 3 bracelets heading out to Distant Shores. "Beach Towels" (told you they would make something cool), "Live Love Laugh" (I hand stamped that sterling disk!)and "Blue Moon". The order is now nearly complete. I will definately have it done by Monday so I can get back to making BeadBox beads. I feel like I have been making loads of jewelry lately, which is great... but with it all going out to Oregon, I don't feel ready for the Open House yet. We will just have to wait and see how it goes. I am not going ot push it.

Anyway, the new necklace finally has a name... "Spinning Top". I have had several requests to see what it looks like on someone so I will try and get a photo of that before it goes in the shipping box on Monday. That and "Waterfall" people want to see on too.

I tell my husband all the time about the wonderful emails you all send when you get your beads. He thinks I need to add a "Customer Testimonials" page to my site... what do you think? Anyone what to know what others are saying? If you are okay with your comments being added send me an email!

I am heading out to a movie (The Davinci Code, of course) this afternoon with my sister. So that's all for this update... I will check in on Monday!

(Sorry... I can't seem to get "Beach Towels" to load... check it out on my website! It's under "Bracelets" in the "Jewelry Shop").

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