Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Befores & Afters

I ended up making beads last night until after midnight after everyone went to bed. I thought it would be fun to show beads before and after I made things with them. I love home decor before and afters so why not jewelry ones?

First up my new "Bursting Berry" bracelet ~


I made these last night. They are some of my favorite colors. I am always wearing purple. Mix in some enamels, evil purple disks and clear cubes and you have a fabulous puprle berry explosion!


Next is a set of five beads that I am sure will have you saying "I never know what you are going to do next!" They are ultra retro, major mod dots!


These got turned in to a fun and funky link bracelet out of sterling silver.


It is kinda on the short side so I'll need to add one more bead.

The next bunch of beads doesn't have it's after yet, but hopefully soon. I am going to use them in that design I told you about last week. I was up in the air for a while on what colors to use and what shape I wanted. I can't really explain why I went with transparent gray. I do know I used dustings of white enamel because I wanted it to have a soft snowy feel.


I can't wait to get the "After" done to show you for these. Soon.

Anyway, in other news... I got word from BeadStyle yesterday that my article is scheduled for March 2007. Which means it will ship in February 2007, just in time for my birthday! YOO HOO! I also realized that I was wrong about the date of my dentist appointment, so I will be making beads tomorrow too! Yoo HOO! I am thinking of a "Mod Dot" day for the Bead Box... what do you think?

This week's free beads winner is Elida K! CONGRATS ELIDA! I will post the new beads in just a few... I great focal... hope you like it. And thanks again for your wonderful support. :)


Lori said...

I love the before and afters
those purple are amazing!

Kathy said...

Go to Love the purple!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so glad my b-day is in February too.
Both bracelet ideas are out of this world.
You come up with the most amazing designs.
The mod dots sounds like a fantastic idea.

Chrissie said...

Wow Kerry!! I love the purple too!! ( of course, LOL) but they are really amazing! The neutrals are very cool too and I really like the idea of the before and after :)