Sunday, October 08, 2006


The idea for these beads started to form in my head early last week. I thought it would be a while before I actually get to make them. But I couldn't get them out of my head last night so I woke up extra early this morning to make them. My only torch time in the coming days is going to be when everyone else is sleeping, lol. I LOVE how they turned out. Collecting brightly colored leaves and saving them on my window sill in the kitchen is one of my favorite things to do in the fall. The kids help too bringing in the best ones they can find.

I am calling them "Fallen Foliage". I used those new enamels again on these ones. I started with a clear base lentil then lightly sprinkled on a transparent gem green. Then on top of that I sifted my own personal blend of dark red, bright orange and butter yellow. Each is decorated with a simple black leaf. The leaf is only on one side of the bead, the other side is just the blended colors. To top them off, I made a dozen solid simple pebbles in topaz, ameythst and honey. They are just prefect compliments to the leaves.

I don't think I have seen another set of beads that have better captured the look of fall. These beads just scream FALL! Don't they? I want to hear what you think!

My faith in Ebay was restored yesterday with the end of my "An Artist's Ghost" auction. So I decided to list these ones later tonight. Even though I said I would be taking a break from Ebay. A girl can change her mind, can't she? I will give you all the link as soon as I have it. :) For now, enjoy the sneak peak!

After making beads durning the wee frosty hours this morning, I cleaned up the house (it was filthy, again) and then Ron & I packed up the kids for a picnic at the lake. So we grilled burgers and threw rocks in the water, just relaxed. Ron is working his tail off on this project for school. He only takes breaks to watch a few holes of golf on TV or to cook something. I really hope his "team mates" are working just as hard.

Now we have a pot of chili on the stove and the windows are letting the crisp fall breeze in.... aaahhhh.... I love FALL! I will see how early I get up tomorrow... maybe I can make another set this week :)


Merideth said...

Love them Kerry! They could only scream fall more if I was eating a sugar donught and drinking apple cider while wearing them =)

Deedee said...

Kerry...those beads are AMAZING!!!!! I have never seen anything like them.

Kerry said...

Thanks Merideth & Deedee!

I really love these too! I agree.. apple cider and fricakes would be prefect with them, lol.

I am trying to get them posted on Ebay but Yahoo seems to be down. I can't get the photos loaded to my site. I will keep working on it.

Anonymous said...

I love I love I love! Good going!

Be safe...