Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I have a very imaginative 7 year old in my house! Last night , Andrew was playing with Lauren and he made her this Bionicle bracelet. Then he came up with these cool Kinnex ones.
I think they came out pretty great. It was so nice last night having him playing with his sister rather then antagonizing her and making her scream, lol.

Here is a peak at what I made today. These are all with beads you have seen before, tomorrow I will have stuff to show you with new beads. Yesterday was a long day and I never found time to get to the torch. I ended up cancelling that dentist appointment I thougth I would have this morning so I could make beads. I played with frits! I think they'll be pretty fresh. I also did a little with mosaic green and ivory. I am thinking those are going to turn out really earthy. We'll see.

But first up, old beads, new jewelry. Miles Wine Cellars requested some lariats, I made this one and the matching bracelet with the "Fallen Foliage" beads from last weekend.

I am very happy with how these turned out. These will highlight the beautiful colors of the landscape down state.

The next pair were made with the "Warm Holidays" from my Bead Box. I love the lariat, but the bracelet still needs work.

The chain is from Shiana LLC, and I thought it let itself to having dangles & being doubled up. I can't decide if I did the dangles wrong or if I doubled it up weird. I will figure it out though.

My plan is to make all the beads for the bangles tonight after I watch LOST! Gotta get in my Must-See-TV, lol. Then tomorrow I will finish assembling jewelry and in the evening make the beads for Friday's "Berry Wine" class. I think it's a good plan and I am sticking to it.

Hopefully I will have some more great pics for you tomorrow!

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