Friday, October 27, 2006

Medicine Stock

LOL, had I known last week how sick everyone was going to be this week, I would have bought some stock in cold medicine.

Dang are we going through a lot of meds and boy, is everyone grumpy. Lauren seems to have things the worst. Her poor little nose is just raw from tissue rubbings. Andrew ended up staying home from school yesterday. He started with a barking seal cough and a little fever on Wednesday night. It was still going strong yesterday but amazingly enough it is completely gone today. And he is feeling near 100%, he begged to go to school this morning. I told him okay, but I have a call into the school nurse to call me if he starts to get too tired out, I'll go pick him up. Jacob tells me he feels okay but Ron was blowing his noise really loud this morning, lol. My cold from last weekend was actaully pretty minor, just tiring. But this morning, that darn tickle is back again! Whatever I had is probably gone, but whatever Lauren has is coming my way now.

I HATE GERMS!!! We will kick this though! I have lots of Lysol Disinfectant. I will be scrubbing any surface I can get my hands on.

On to better topics... today's photo is one from earlier this summer. These are Out House Flowers. I don't know their "fancy" latin name but I love this flower. They grow about 7-8 FEET tall. I have them in my back garden and I love when they get so full that they flop onto my arbor. We have had rain here for 14 of the past 15 days, with more coming tonight and this weekend. I thought I would post the garden photo to brighten things up a bit.

I snuck in a tiny bit of bead time yesterday when Ron got home from work. But I was so tired, I was just wasting glass. I have a few sets ready for the bead box, but I really wanted to wait and do a big group. I will have time to get more done this weekend so I am still sure I'll have beads Monday! MONDAY MONDAY! And, in case you forgot, I am working on wintery colors. Metallic Silver Plum, Dark Lavendar and Amethyst. LOVELY!

I have gotten a request for some red Christmasy/Valentinezie beads. I will see what I can come up with for that in the next few weeks. I have just two weeks to get ready for the "Shop Til You Drop" Open House on November 11th. So lets see... (just hinking out loud her)... bead box beads Monday... manic prep for open house... Halloween, Jacob's Birthday and then Thanksgiving... earrings class on Nov 16th... oh and "Deck The Halls" too (I haven't told you about that one yet).

I told my Mom the other day, it is already mid December in my head, lol. There is just so much going on. Anyone else ever feel over scheduled for the holidays? I haven't in the past, in fact I usually feel the opposite. It seems like the holidays will never come and then they are gone. But since my business, it just sneaks up on me. I get so busy making things that you all end up buying for gifts that I forget to get my own, lol. I should start thinking about Christmas, shouldn't I? Hmmmm.... I know what I WANT! I want a new, bigger, better torch and an oxygen concentrator. LOL!

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