Thursday, October 05, 2006

Shhhh.... don't tell.

Oh, you can tell if you want I guess. The secret is that I just listed a bunch of new Bead Box beads! They are a bunch of beads I had just laying around. So I snapped some pics and put the up. I also put up yesterday's holiday looking beads and a few focals too. Hopefully by the end of next week these will be gone and I will have more to put in the box. Yesterday's holiday ones gave me some ideas for more fallish ones with purple and browns. Ymmmm....

Today was a really great day. Unlike the busy-ness of yesterday, today was relaxed and fun. I ignored all my homely responsiblities and read a book this morning then went to lunch this afternoon. Lunch was AWESOME! It is always great to get to visit with my friend Lindsey. We live about 15 mins away from each other but can't seem to get together more then about once every other month. We went to our usual spot (Simply Crepes) and had salads & crepes. Then I took Linsdey to check out Craft Company #6. A really cool shop in the city.

Go check out the beads in the Bead Box and I will see ya tomorrow.

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kstyle said...

Hey kerry,
Have you been over to kstyle. we're having a contest and giving away a pair of my lampwork beads.