Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Glass Flowers

Well, here it is, the new bracelet I made yesterday with the cool Deepwood style beads. I love the colors and the little flowers turned out sweet. My favorite one is the transparent teal one. A couple years ago I did a lot of basket weaving and I had some really pointy super sharp shears. I pulled those snippers out of their dusty home and had a blast cutting hot glass. I can't tell you how cool it is to get a little area really hot then.... snip.... it is so cool! Who woulda thunk that you could cut molten glass with scissors? Really now, you can't cut cold glass with scissors, that's for sure!

I sent an email off to Fran at Deepwood to show her how the beads turned out. I didn't have any of her gorgeous silk cording to string them on so I just straight stung them. I used a loop of seed beads for the clasp. I think it turned out great but still looks too much like one of her designs so I think I will need to keep it for myself, bummer huh. I need to work out how I can use the technique but still keep my style in there. I know I will figure something out!

Another crazy day on my plate... I gotta get. I know I need to do the free beads drawing again. Don't worry, it'll get done by the end of the day! I'll let you know!


Lori said...

I would love to see close up of the flower beads. They look fantastic and are in one of my favorite color combos
Can't wait to see more

Anonymous said...

I would love to see these flowers in a daisy!!! Yes that would be GREAT!! (You know who this is!) Love you

Kathy said...

Love the color combo Kerry, you know purples would be great too.
The possibilites are endless.
Great job...

Kerry said...

Thanks girls!

I should make an introduction... blog this is my best friend Kelley (anonymous) Kelley this is my blog. Everyone should know Kelley's favorite flower is a daisy so she always asks me to make daisy beads. I will get to it eventually!