Monday, October 09, 2006

Today in the backyard...

I apologize up front for those of you on dial up... these are going to take a while to load. The kids and I spent the afternoon playing in the backyard. I filled my camera with our antics. I haven't taken the time to crop them yet, these are just as they were taken only made a hair smaller. So if you click them, they'll be normal size! I am not even sure if blogger is going to be able to load them even on my dsl connection. We'll see. Hopefully by the time I am done posting the photos, the batteries in the camera will have recharged and we can take lots more!

Check them out...
This is one corner of our backyard. We raked a lot of leaves but not nearly as many as we will be able to rake once that big maple sheds all those gorgeous red leaves!

These colors are just what I was thinking when I made the new set of beads "Fallen Foliage". I love LEAVES!

Here is the wreath on our front door. I made it! It is a couple years old now and it could use some sprucing up but it'll work one more season.

Now the kids... Jacob & The Rake, Lauren's Splash in the Leaves and Andrew with Bitty Kitty.

Last but not least... the view from my hammock. Lay back and look up... this is what you'll see. These trees all turned yellow. I love the sun filtering threw the trees.

So that is how we spent the afternoon. I haven't done the free bead drawing yet. I will wait and do it later this evening. I am not sure yet what the new beads will be. I will see what I can come up with :) We have to take advantage of the weather while we can. The forcast for the rest of the week is going down hill fast. They are even saying wet snow on Friday... it's early, but we can't stop it. Winter will be here before we know it. I made a prediction a few weeks ago that there would be snow on Halloween this year. Looks like I might be right :)

I also got a great delivery today from Thailand with goodies from Shiana LLC. I have lots of ideas for this stuff! I can't wait to get to the torch. Stupid baseball playoffs are on tonight instead of Prison Break so maybe I can do new beads tonight! I can't seem to pin down a color combo to work with though. I think I need to go threw my drawers and see what I would want to wear. I am hearing neutrals are really big this season. Hmmm... maybe ivory on ivory?

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LR Glass Art said...

Oh man! You just brought back some awesome memories of my three daughters. When we lived in Rehoboth, MA years ago, we had a nice big back yard like yours and the leaves were amazing! I'll have to try to dig out the picture of Kate that I have. All that you see is her little face sticking out of the leaves. Way cool!

As for a color combo, I "borrowed" an idea from a WC friend and used opal yellow stringer on lt. ivory. You get those dark lines on the edges like with the greens and turquoise colors and it's very pretty. It would work well with those fall colors you're playing with these days.

Have a great day!

Leslie †