Monday, October 02, 2006

A girl can dream

We were driving home from my Mom's house yesterday afternoon and noticed one of our FAVORITE houses is up for sale. Ron and I wrote the details down to look it up when we got home. Check it out... HERE. We knew it was out of price range but I didn't realize by how much. Our mortage would double and our taxes would triple. But like I said, a girl can dream. I was also admiring THIS amazing house the other day. Looks like we missed out on THIS one, lol. I wonder if Ron would got for this ONE? This HOUSE is right up my alley. Now if only they could move this house out of the CITY to the country. This one is in my town and was very country COOL. LOL, I LOVE HOUSES! And I love moving. Too bad we won't be going anywhere for a few more years. We qualified for a grant towards the construction of our house back in 2000. We were given $25,000 and if we want to keep it, we have to stay in the house for 10 yrs. 6.5 yrs down just 3.5 to go, lol. I can't wait to go house hunting in a few years. I know just what I want. Ron and I have talked about it loads of times. We want an older colonial (preferrably a farm house with 3 stories) on a good size wooded lot (around 1 acre) with a large garage/old barn. That's not asking too much is it? lol. I say again... a girl can dream. If we went with some place more suburban, it would defiantely be like the first house I showed you.

Speaking of dreams, I had to most wonderful one this morning about my future bead shop. Ever have dreams so real that when you wake up it takes you a little while to realize you were dreaming? That's how this one was. I was painting the exterior of an old one story building I can only describe as somethign out of the south, but it was on the main street of my town. It had long thin windows with big shutters. I was painting the shutters a very dark eggplant purple that was almost black, the trim I had painted a deep dark red. The bulding was a very soft butter yellow with the bottom 1/3 a rich hunter green. A lot of color! But it looked wonderful in my dream. *SIGH* someday... Oh well, back to reality, lol.

I updated the "Knob Commission" page with the last of the knobs... commission:complete.

This week's free beads winner is Lori O, out in sunny CA. Congrat LORI! I will get the new free beads posted shortly (a couple are still in the kiln). Thanks again everyone for your continued support of my website/work with your votes. I APPRECIATE IT! YOU GALS ROCK!

I almost forgot... "Western Denim" ends tonight! GO GET YOUR BIDS IN! I am never going to be able to afford my new house and bead store if you all don't start bidding higher, lol.


Lori said...

Woo Hoo I'm so excited
I can't wait to get my beads
Loved looking at the houses

Chrissie said...

I love looking at houses too :) I think that it worries DBF but I just like looking. It's fun to envision what you would do with all the space :)

LR Glass Art said...

Hey Kerry!
How come the taxes are so high up there? It looks like we have the same taste in styles. I, too, would like a big ol' victorian with a big barn where I can park my studio. Blessings, Leslie

Kerry said...

Hey girls!

Congrats Lori!

Lesley... didn't you know? NY state has the 3rd highest taxes in the country!