Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Little things

I am here, lol. Don't worry about me. I just have my hands full to overflowing. I am not the only one with a cold now! Andrew and Lauren are both in their snotty glory, lol. Poor things. Lauren was so-so yesterday but today... she keeps running from the other room whaling "Mommmmmm I got budders!" Which is leading to some bad news.... with everyone sick, I have had no time to torch, so I probably won't have beads until Monday.

Yesterday was extra busy too. Lauren and I went to check out her new preschool. There are two 3yr old classes so we went to one yesterday and later (if she feels a little better) we'll go to the second one. I need to pick which class we would like to put her in. After that we went to visit a friend of ours, Julie & her sons (Lou & Joey). Ron & I have been invited to a Halloween Party! JUST FOR ADULTS!!! So we went to do a little costume hunting. Julie is thinking her and her husband will go as "Surf & Turf", she'll dress up like a surfer and she is going to glue some grass on her husband's shirt, lol. I am thinking Ron and I will do something like "Hippie & Suit". I'll wear a suit and tie with a mustash and Ron will have long hair and bellbottoms. Still working on ideas though. So feel free to send me suggestions!

Then to top off my busy day... last night was Book Club! Oh did we have a good time. I didn't get home until after 11pm. So I am feeling it today. We were discussing To Kill A Mockingbird among other things. And next month we are reading The Bookseller of Kabul. I have my doubts about the new book (my vote was for The Red Tent) but I'll still do my best to get it done before the 28th of November. One of the best things about book club is the range of women that are there. There are 14 official members and usually at least 10 can make it. I am the baby of the group with a big cluster of mid 30's, then a couple 40+. Everyone has something to contribute.

Now, the reason for my post title. It is little things that just get me so gitty. I can home from book club to a pile of dirty dishes, toys every where, Andrew with a fever, Lauren needing a night time dose of Motrin and a little note on the counter from my husband that said "I love you Kerry!" It but the biggest smile on my face and made the dishes and stress and kids' troubles just disappear. So, I think everyone who reads this today should find a way to do something little to give a big smile. Write your own love note, or send a girlfriend flowers... whatever you can think of!

Finally... FREE BEADS! (Yes I forgot again, sorry, lol) This week's winner is KATHY H! YOO HOO KATHY!! Thanks so much for all the support you guys. I am sure you all noticed I cut back to just two votes again. I decided I didn't like the pop ups all the time on Top-25 & my rank was never very high there anyway. I like artzee & My Oh My, so I am sticking with them :) Keep up the VOTING! THANKS SO MUCH!!

Time to curl up with Lauren & a movie.

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