Saturday, October 14, 2006

I see SPOTS!

Ultra Retro, Major Mod, So Cool... that is the tag line for the new "Mod Dot" beads I made last night. What do you think? I was working on a different idea for another set of beads and was getting incredibly frustrated. I put everything down and decided to try some "Mod Dot" nuggets. I loved the first one and just kept going, two hours and 5 rods of glass later, these where baking in the kiln. I think you all are going to see these and think... "Those are so coll but what would I wear them with?" Well, let me tell you exactly what I see you wearing them with! I see a great pair of khakis with a crips white button up shirt and a fabulous bracelet with these beads. I can also picture them in a bracelet with a fabulous little black dress too. I think that happens to most poor little bead sets... they are admired and adored... then pasted over thinking "what would I wear it with"? I will make a personal effort to give outfit idea with beads if you are having any trouble coming up with your own ideas, lol.

You'll see these beads in a new auction starting tonight. And I started them LOW so I hope you'll be bidding on them! Unlike the "Fallen Foliage" set which have yet to get a bid. Oh well, if no one wants them I guess I'll have to come up with something for them. I don't mind. I am going to need to get back into "Show Mode" soon. There is an open house in a few weeks and I got a call from the wineries yesterday. Everything is selling great and they are out of a ton! So they placed orders for more jewelry. We are planing a fall walk/wine tour next weekend, so I'll need to bring it down then.

Back to the auctions... you are also gonna see an auction for one of my Zoozii tools. I decided that since I have 10 and that there are at least 3 that I haven't used in months... that I could put them up on Ebay for some other lampworker to play with.(And maybe I can get that "long & lean" tool to replace them, lol) The one I put up first is the 15mm Pillow Press. It was my first Zoozii press and it isn't sold like this anymore. If you want this size these days, you have to purchase a trio. It is a very popular shape, but personally, I have fallen in love with the nugget so it is just gathering dust. If you are a lampworker... go check out the auction HERE!

For those of you sending me emails about the snow, although there were many schools in the area closed for the snow on Friday, we didn't see a single flake! About 50miles west of here got 2 feet. That is the thing about lake effect, you never know who will get dumped on! Today it is about 36 degrees and very very windy with big billowy clouds. It was raining most of the morning but nope, no snow yet. I'll let you know when the first flakes fly. Maybe we need a snowy set of beads? LOL, white and clear enamels on sky blue beads, hmmmm....

Ron has a big huge pot of sauce on the stove and my in-laws are coming by for dinner. Should be an excellent supper! I love Ron's from scratch sauce, it is outta this world! Depending on how dinner goes, I may try and get some more beads made tonight, if not, it'll be tomorrow or Monday. I know I know, you want new bead box beads... you didn't like those last ones, lol. I am working on it! I promise! I wanna come up with GOOD ones.

I am teaching the first Totally Twisted class of the Fall tomorrow afternoon. And guess what... THE CLASS IS FULL! And there is a waiting list for the next class. We are gonna have fun tomorrow. Maybe this time I might actually remember to take some pics at class!


Deedee said...

Love those new beads! Black always works...they are very cool!

Chrissie said...

I like the mod dots too! Very cool and I think they would go very well with alot of clothes this season. Maybe even one of those red sweater dresses with black leggins :)