Sunday, October 29, 2006

Very Blustery Day

Who has seen Winnie The Pooh's The Very Blustery Day? It's an extra windy day in the 100 Arce Woods and Gofer says it's Windsday. The kids watched it this week and we seem to have life imitating art now. We are in the midst of a very very windy day here. Fifty-five plus mile per hour gusts, not a leaf on a tree now! YIKES! Hopefully it is passes in the next few days so the kids will have a clear night Tuesday for Trick-or-Treating. We'll see.

Anyway, I got loads to show you. Friday I snuck in some afternoon torch time while Lauren was resting. Before I knew it my kiln was LOADED with beads. I didn't know just how much time I would have to make beads, so rather then frustrate myself during the little time I had with the colors I had been using all week, I switched things up. I grapped some black, avacodo, transparent brown along with my jar of Raku frit. The avacodo is a very sandy yellowish brownish beige color. It can be a little tempermental sometimes though Friday it was behaving very very well.

This first bracelet is my favorite!!! I love it! It is in my "chunky funky" style with loads of beads in all different shapes. Oh did I have fun playing at the torch!

This next has beads just like my "Copper Lantern" beads, only now they were made on a base of transparent light brown then rolled in Raku. This one is soooo eathy and very very fall. But I am sure it will work in winter and summer too. Black and browns seem to be a year round combo.

Alrighty... this one is a "Flings". It is very hard to see in the photo but those raku beads aren't just plain black. They are encased black. So that raku is floating on clear with the black inside. I think it gives the beads awesome depth. And much simplier look and design but I still think it is fabulous.

Next are a few new lariats. I love making lariats. They are so easy to do and very easy to wear. I will, hopefully, have a bunch of different style lariats for the Open House in 2 weeks. AAAAHHH only two weeks!!! I gotta get cracking!! I love the mod dot bead in the first one with the pinched corners. Reminds me of a fluffed up pillow. I like doing asymetrical things too. Everything doesn't always have to match and be in a pattern right? The second lariat is my favorite of the two. I was playing with my shears again and I think these turned out very "leafy" looking. I could see this with a beautiful ivory v-neck sweater on Thanksgiving, couldn't you?

Ron and I had a blast at last night's Halloween party. And I'm very very happy to report that everyone is on the mend and almost 100% healthy. The boys went to stay with Ron's parents last night and Lauren went with my parents. I wouldn't wish on three of them on anyone, lol. Ron and I ended up going all 80's for the party. I was going for Cindy Lauper but ended up more Madonna-ish. I took an old bridesmaids dress and cut it up so it was a short skirt, and I left the full length tooleing out under it. Then I layered a bunch of strapy tank tops, put on fingerless satin gloves, purple eyeshadow and had my hair all plastered over to one side. Did you know you can still buy aqua net hairspray at the Dollar store? LOL! It was hilarious. Ron wore a big hair band wig with tight acid washed white jeans and an old rock band tee shirt. I know pictures were being snapped left and right so as soon as someone emails me one of us, I'll post it. We took our camera but forgot to have someone get our picture. Our camera is big and bulky, I hate taking it places, I am always afraid I will lose it or it will break. We need to look into getting a smaller compact digital camera for things like this.

The whole time change thing threw me for a loop this morning. I was up at my usualy 7:30 which now is 6:30. I had some coffee and ended up making beads for a few hours while Ron worked on homework. It was so nice and quiet!! No agruing over which cartoons to watch, no fighting to get rooms cleaned, I ate breakfast when I wanted, it is fun to be kidless sometimes. I got the kiln loaded again with beads, all for tomorrow's Bead Box. I don't have as many beads as I would like to have but it'll work for now. I decided to take a quick pic of the rods that I was using today. It's not the best photo but you get the idea... PUPRLE!!! I'll see ya'll tomorrow with new beads!


Matt said...

Hey, nice work. Thanks for sharing it.

Kerry said...

Hey Matt!
Welcome to my blog and I appreciate the compliments. I may just have to look for The Domini Conspiracy at Branes & Noble!

Stop by anytime :)

Lori said...

I love the copper lanterns.
Those beads are amazing