Thursday, October 19, 2006


I am starting with the photo of my least favorite beads from the past 24 hours. These are "Island Greens". I was hoping for a different effect on the surface of the ivory using mosaic green (a color that "bleeds" when melted and looks like its crackled). They aren't aweful, but definately not my favorite. I don't know what I am going to do with them yet but for now, they are in a pile on my desk. LOL. Poor little beads.

These are just the opposite of the ones above. They turned out just how I hoped they would. I managed to run out of black glass (again) so I was force spread out what little I had over over several beads. So I made "squeese" beads instead of using enough glass to fill the whole space in my press. Those blue bands around the middles are "Picasso Blue", getting the color to strike is getting easier and easier. I get some great blues and misty greens this time. These will be a great bracelet in no time.

This is now my favorite of all the lariats. I LOVE this frit! There is just a hint of blue & green with lots of pink in it. I had fun snipping the glass into these cool abstract shapes. They are flat too so they lay just right. I used the same frit to make these beads too...

They got transformed into a simple link bracelet with sterling spacers. And I called it "Floral Meadow". There were even a few left over so it'll have matching earrings.

Finally, the big ol' buncha bangles that is heading down to the wineries this weekend. I did 3 with purles (grapey) and a couple of just fun ones! I am sure they'll love them. I had fun with the black/white & turquoise one, all the beads are cubes. I wanted to do something different.

So, all the wineries stuff is done and I spent the day making all the beads for tomorrow's "Berry Wine" class. My Mom was very helpful and made a surprise appearance this morning to play with Lauren so I could make them. To mix things up, I used metallic silver plum to do all the decorations on the surface of the beads. It gave them a cool filligree look to them. When they are done in the kiln, I will get a pic for ya'll. There are dozens of beads so picture of them all in a big pile will be cool. It was rough though, I have never sat and made 21 of the exact same bead, then stop and make 21 more of a different bead. I know there are bead makers that will "take orders" on beads having to make loads of the same one. I thought I might want to give that a try, lol. Not anymore! I like my one-of-a-kinders much better!

We are off to Andrew's open house at school tonight.

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