Monday, October 16, 2006


Happy Monday Beady Buddies!

Check out the wild beads I made for the Survivor Pool I am in. It was a glass artist pool so there are 20 participants (one for each survivor) and each person makes 3 beads. You mail the beads to the pool hostess and she mails them out to the top 3 winners. I made these yesterday morning before my Totally Twisted class. I played with red and blue because those are the colors of the buffs the survivors wear on the show. I had fun pulling and twisting, cutting and shaping the beads. It is really fun to just let loose sometimes. They definately aren't your average jewelry making beads. I wanted to pool winners to get beads that would definately remind them of where the got them, lol. If you found one of these laying on your desk a year from now you would surely remember, those are ones I got from the survivor pool!

My playful mood from yesterday was still with me today. I made beads for a few hours this morning and I can't wait for the kiln to ding that they are ready! I couple weeks ago I bought myself a bracelet from Deepwood Art, called "Brandied Red". I had asked Fran how she makes her flower shaped beads. She was nice enough to tell me how she does them and told me to give it a try. For some strange reason, today was the day that I was in the mood to try making them. I think they are going to be really cool. I made mine transparent teal with turquoise, I love those colors together! I will show you those photos tomorrow, FOR SURE!

I have a rather anxious feeling this week. I all a sudden have a lot on my plate at the moment. Miles Wine Cellars called with awesome news on Friday that she is out of almost everything she bought in August. And she wants to order loads more for the end of the season. Which is all fine and dandy. I am excited to make them new things, but she is hoping I can bring it down with me on Saturday when we are there for our annual Fall Walk. Eeeeekkkkk! Plus yesterday I found out that my "Berry Wine" class for Friday is full, that means I need to make 40 beads for the students! Double EEEEkkkkkk! Also up this week is Andrew's open house at school, a Wednesday dentist appointment, and Friday volunteer time at Jacob's school. I know I will get it all done, I always do, but until it is done, I am have a sick feeling in my stomach, lol. Anytime you all wanna shower me with reassurance, it would be wonderful, lol.

So... next few days, you are goona see loads of jewelry from me. Then next week, hopefully, you'll see loads of beads. Come back tomorrow to see what I cooked up today.


Lori said...

love the survivor beads
I can't wait to see all you create this weeku

Kathy said...

Ok Kerry,
You do a really awesome job with your beads. Remember we are all behind you 100%.
We are all drooling waiting to see your newest creations. You really do have the knack.
Before you know it you will have them all done. and kick back and say "whew"
The flower you described sounds beautiful. I bet all the goodies are awesome that you are taking out of the kiln.