Tuesday, October 03, 2006

When it rains...

... it pours. That's the saying right? Well it is suddenly my mind that seems to be flooding! I was just sitting surfing the web this morning. Oogling the beads people were sharing on wetcanvas's daily showcase. Then checking out the latest beads people are selling on Ebay when all of a sudden BOOOMMM! My mind was racing! I had to get my sketch book out. I have 5-6 drawings here of new necklace designs and new beads too. I am itching for Ron to get home. I wanna go out to the torch before dinner.

The one design I am most excited about is the next phase of my "At The Playground" necklace. You'll remember it. There were disks in all different colors and patterns linked together on squiggle wire links. Well I have this idea... I used pure silver on that necklace and made giant headpin out of it to create the links. I was thinking, lets make the head pins double ended. A ball of silver on each end, with a bead trapped in the middle. And how can I link the head pins together? I have it all sketched out and I think it is going to ROCK! I need to make the beads and then start to build the links. FUN! I think you all know me well enough by now that I will probably have it finished by the end of the week. I get an idea and have to do it right away. I can't stop thinking about it (or sleep) until it is done. So I will share pics when it is ready.

I am kinda bummed out about the results of the auction that ended last night. The beads are really awesome and I thought they would do much better. I think after "An Artist's Ghost" ends that I will stay away for Ebay for a while. The fees are too high and the market place too if-y. I am thinking I need to change the POLL questions. Obviously you all want me posting more beads, more often. But some of the new things that makes me wonder is... what if I list a single set here or there as they are done? do you only want to know when I have a big group, all in the same colors? would you all go for a couple "larger" sets in my Bead Box or do you want me to keep the sets unde $50 like I have been doing? I have to formulate my questions and then I'll update.

The boys bus just pulled in... gotta run!

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