Saturday, March 24, 2007

50 & 300

I know y'all were wondering what 50plus beads look like... well, here you go. It looks like this!! These are what came out of my kiln this morning and this and more are in my kiln right now. I have a feeling that after this weekend I will be all disked out. But for now, I still have loads to do. I counted mandrels again this afternoon and I have about 80 beads soaking in the heat right now. I am finding this is a great way to experiment with color combinations. I found a few that definately need further review... and some that should never again see the light of day.
I pulled all these off their mandrels and got them all cleaned up. Sorted them and then set to work redipping all these mandrels. Took a while to get it all done. And some where in there Ron and I went to see 300. It was a visually spectacular movie. It is absolutely incredible. The story and plot leaves something to be desired, so it isn't "Best Picture" material... but it is definately worth the trip to the movie theater. A word of caution though, it is not for that faint of heart... there is a bit of blood and gore. But nothing worse then Braveheart or Gladiator. Go see it!!
I will have a fresh batch of bead photos for you in the morning... and maybe an Ebay auction too. I have a little "art inspired art" disc set that I think will be pretty cool if it works the way I hope it does. If I can get all the tutorial stuff done this weekend, then I'll have the week free to make Bead Box beads!! I hope for a Friday update... stay turned!

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