Monday, March 05, 2007

Lemons to Lemonade

This is definitely a two post worthy day. It has been a complete and total rollercoaster ride of a time. I just had to come a share what is going on. You already know how the main part of my morning went. Though I did leave out the bit about the boys waking up almost as early as I did, so they were ready for school too early. Which lead to them fighting for about 45 mins until the bus arrived. I left it out cause I was trying to be positive and focus on the good thing of finishing my fun bracelet. If I am being totally honest though, it was a really really crappy day to start.

Then it got even worse. Mid morning I received an email from the editor of my articles at Art Jewelry magazine. It said that after further review of my submissions, the editors feel my designs are "too beady" for Art Jewelry magazine. I was crushed, I worked so hard on those and they are really great designs. The editor did offer to forward the projects to Bead & Button magazine. I decided to decline the offer. I really think my designs are special and frankly they don't fit with the style of Bead & Button. So I asked to have the designs returned. The editors at B&B are still reviewing "Hip To Be Square" and I should know the results on that in a few weeks.

I stayed bitterly bummed out for a few hours. Then decided to forward the tutorials to my editor at Step By Step Wire magazine. I am thrilled to say that she LOVES both designs. And things got even better from there... I don't actually know if I am ready to tell you my exciting news. I am a little apprehensive to share just in case I jinx things.

Alright, I'll share but just know that things change all the time in publishing and it isn't set in stone yet. And I am not going to tell you for sure what will be were or any other details that would leak too many details. But here is what I will say. It turns out the editor with writing a book (don't ask the subject) and she would like some of my pieces for the book (don't ask which ones). EEEEKKKK!!! Isn't that incredible?!?

I have learned my lesson, I won't get my hopes up too high, and I won't believe it till I have the book in my hands. Things change all the time in the publication process. Dates get changed, projects get moved or cancelled. But it is exciting to think about and work on. I hope all works out. I have really had nothing but great experiences so far with Interweave Press and I am ecstatic about this opportunity.

Needless to say, I was to busy on my emotional rollercoaster to get to make beads today. I, hopefully, will make some tonight. But with the studio at only 20 somethign degrees, lol, I doubt it!! We'll see.

Oh, and I was also told that the Spring 2007 issue of SBS Wire with my "Sandy Lanterns" bangle project will hit newsstands this week. So watch your mailboxs!

This week's FREE BEADS winner is CARE K!! YOO HOO CARE!! Thanks again, as always, everyone for all the support on my beads and jewelry. I really do appreciate your votes!! I'll get some new freebies posted asap.

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