Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Nothing But Time

I got a couple of cool things to share with you all today. First is this new wire ring. It isn't "my" new ring, well it is, but it is actually Cassie Donlen's new ring. Go check out the kits on the "supplies" page at Cassie's website, www.glassbeadle.com. I love Cassie's work and it was her beads that made me want to learn lampworking. Last week when I saw these new ring kits of her's, I thought it was about time I had something from the person who inspired my start. The kit is awesome. It is very well written, actually read it, don't be a dummy like me and think you are some sort of wire pro and figure you can do it without the directions, lol. I had to make it twice to get it right cause I didn't read it the first time! Whatelse is great about her kit is it comes WITH the ring mandrel. And it's a tool I know I'll use over and over. Love it!! She also has a great matching pendant kit too.

In other cool news, I got my advanced copy of SBS Wire Magazine today!! It has a new look to it and it is really great. I love the "pretty" shot of my bangles!! They look so COOL. When I read the intro paragraph, I forgot that I didn't mention where the name came from. Students in the past have said they thought it was a bangle for someone named Sandy. But it isn't!! The name came from both me and my husband Ron. I was experimenting with two new things a while back, a lentil press and raku frit. I had put too much glass on the bead before pressing it and the glass "squeezed" out the ends of the press. I quick had to figure out how to save the bead. I ended up putting glass "caps" on the ends to cover the leak. When the kiln finished annealing, and I showed my new beads to Ron, he said "they look like they are covered in sand"... I said "I think they look like Chinese Lanterns"... thus was born "Sandy Lanterns"... it stuck when I named the bangle. And now you know the bangle name story...

I mailed off all my tools to VA today for the class this weekend. So I am torchless till I get there on Friday. I was sad to send my baby away, but I know I will see it again soon, lol. With all this free time, I don't know what to do with myself. Well, not really today... today I was very busy. It was another "frozen" day. Too cold for the kids to go to school. So they kept me pulling my hair out for hours on end. But after today... I have nothing to busy myself with. I picked up the book "Oh My Stars" by Lorna Landvik a few weeks ago. I think now I'll actually have time to read it. I read the prologue today while Bob the Builder was on, LOL... and I couldn't help but admire the colors in the cover. Green, Purple, and Khaki.... I kept thinking, I gotta make beads these colors. I picked up the book when I saw it in Target cause "Oh My Stars" was a saying I used to use all the time. I have never been an "Oh My God" user. I really don't care for it. I used "Oh My Stars" cause that is what Samantha Stevens always said on Bewitched. I used to love that show.... LOVE IT. I used to watch the black and white ones and the colors ones. It must have been on Nick at Nite.

Time to get back to the family... everyone is piled on my bed watching Lord of the Rings... did you know I read somewhere the LOTR is supposed to represent WWII? Huh? Don't think I agree with that one.

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blest said...

That's a theory that's been tossed around since LOTR was first published. It is very much not true. Tolkien despised allegory. His work did not consciously symbolize anything. (though it isn't hard to find a lot of Christian analogies in there. He was a devout Catholic after all) Also, most of the trilogy was conceptualized and written before WWII.

Yes. I am one of those geeks. Though I'm actually more of a C.S.Lewis fanatic. But they were good friends, so to learn about one leads to learning of the other...

I envy you your trip to VA. My hubby is there at the moment as are my two best friends! Have fun!