Saturday, March 17, 2007

With Any Luck

A very Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone... Irish or not, lol. I was thinking about what I would post about today while I was making my bed this morning (yeah I keep running blog dialogs in my head, it is weird). I started to wonder why we celebrate St. Patrick's Day. I don't really have an answer... I know "why" and who St Patrick was and what he did for Ireland. But I was wondering why some half Italian guy like my husband who has not one spect of Irish blood in him, wants to eat cornbeef and cabbage with me. I don't have an answer. If I come up with one, I'll let you know. I just couldn't find an easy answer like I can for other holidays, (ei - Valentine's day celebrates a couple's love, sappy, I know).

I am a Mutt, how about you? I think it was mid way through High School that I started to realize that there was more to my background then I am tall because my Dad is tall. I remember phone calls with people were someone would say "so what are you?" I did a report once that told me just what I am, lol... I am French, Dutch, Irish, English, and German. I don't know why I identify with the Irish side most, I just do.

I have a funny story about something Ron said once. I don't know if it is relevant but I'll share. Ron comes from a very large Italian family. He grandparents were off the boat Italian and his Mom is one of 9 children. They have a big Christmas Eve get together every year filled with traditional Italian foods. They have lentil soup, deep fried vegetables, squid, cod fish soup and of course sausage after Midnight Mass. Couple years ago, Ron was walking through the buffet of all these dishes with me close behind. He asked "Do you wanna try this, do you wanna try that?" I shook my head no no no no no no, lol. I said "Honey, I am Irish, I don't eat these things"... to which he replied "So you want a crust of bread and glass of water?" I said "There is bread? WHERE? That would be perfect!" LOL... I don't mean to offend. I am sure there are plenty of Irish people that love squid and cod fish soup, lol.

So anyway... that is me in a nutshell today. I am just hanging out, doing chores... waiting for Ron to get back from the store with my cabbage so I can get the cornbeef simmering, lol. I love cornbeef and cabbage. I'll be bumming around the house in my latest $5 Old Navy St. Patty's Day tee-shirt. I am gonna try to make some beads, but we had a sudden cold snap. And we woke up this morning to 12 inches of snow!! So, I might not be in the mood to sit in the freezing garage. But I have plenty of other things to do, so now worries, I won't be bored. I did figure out where my mojo went yesterday. I had been writting my new tutorials all morning then tried switching gears mid afternoon to do Bead Box Beads. I was frustrated cause I was thinking tutorial beads... not BB beads... thus a bad bead day that could not be salvaged. I think today will go better. I think I wasn't "feeling" the latest color combo either... so I have a new one in mind and we'll see what comes of it. Dark Red, Coral Orange, Dark Purple and Lime Green... what do ya think?


Lori Greenberg said...

You had me cracking up. I'm 1/2 Italian and I've never heard of that food. My grandma made the GOOD stuff like risotto and chicken cacciatore (?) But man, that family is LOUD. And they had GOOD bread, huh?

Kerry said...

You may know them by their "other" names... Bacala (sp?), Calamari (sp?), Sphingies (sp?), I can't spell any of them, can you tell? They never do cliche traditional food like pasta and sauce. These were all dishes their mother used to make at the holidays. Makes me gag just thinking of the squid. LOL!!

Bread was fabulous, lol... and yeah those people can talk and they are LOUD!!

blest said...

That color combo sounds like something I would want to lick if I saw it. YUM!