Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Deep Breath, Then Plunge

I finally took the leap today. I took a deep breath, drabbed the phone, and placed the order. I don't know why I have put it off for so long. I place supply orders for more then the cost of this torch all the time. So it couldn't have been the money. It has to be the intimidation of learning something new. In case you haven't figured it out... I am upgrading my torch!! I went with "The Bobcat" from GTT. It is a duel fuel torch using oxygen and propane. It will be hotter and quieter then my current torch so, I should be able to do loads more with it, and work faster. I won't hook it up for another couple weeks. I want to finish off the tank of fuel I am currently useing and I also need to get special hoses and regulators, that sorta thing. But I am really excited about it, and nervous too!!

My precious Hot Head torch came back home to me today and I was blazing away on it with in minutes of it getting back. I am so anxious to see the results that are cooking in the kiln. If they are as cool when they come out as they were when they went in, you all are gonna flip. I think these will be one of the coolest sets I have made!! Sorry if I am boasting but hey it is my blog and I'll bost if I wanna, lol. Here is a hint... the name that came to my while I was making them was "Picasso's Plantation" ;) Do you think you know what I am going to show you??

I had to take a few mins today and actually write myself a list of all the projects I have going right now. I'll be able to get things done a lot faster if I am ticking them off a list. I need to get through an Ebay set, Bead Box Beads, 3 tutorials, a couple special requests, and I have two new necklace designs that need working on. I have gotten through the Ebay set (keep your fingers crossed that they are cool), tomorrow and friday I'll be focusing on the BB Beads... when it comes to the tutorials, I am gonna need to take a couple weeks to really focus on them. I know how much you all like to see new tutorials so I hope you'll understand. I am thinking you have had lots of BB Beads lately anyway so I am sure you all have your hands full of your own projects, right?

Speaking of which... I would love to see photos of the things you all make with my beads!! I would be happy to post them here and share a link to your website. SEND 'EM OVER!!

Almost forgot... This week's free beads winner is KATHY H!!! YOO HOO Kathy!! Keep the votes coming gang! I truely appreciate it and I promise to have a fresh cluster of free beads soon :)

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Lori Greenberg said...

You just wait until that baby gets to you. I remember getting my GTT baby and I just wanted to pet it for a while. :) Congratulations!